The Needle in my AEROBLEND Airbrush Stylus Doesn't Move When I Pull Back the Lever

My needle seems like it is stuck and is not moving when I pull back the lever. What do I do?

1. The airbrush stylus is dirty and needs a deep cleaning.

Dried up makeup can get stuck around the needle when daily cleanings are not done. This does not allow the needle to move back and forth to release makeup when the lever is pulled back.

Check out our deep cleaning video below:


#AeroTip: If the needle is stuck and can't be pulled out, wrap the end of the needle with some plastic wrap for grip and protection and use pliers to pull on it to loosen from the dried makeup. (Be careful with the needle! It is very sharp!) Then proceed with the deep cleaning shown in the video above.


2. The needle chuck and needle chucking nut parts are not tight enough to grab the needle.

The airbrush stylus may not be working properly due to the needle or other parts becoming loose. Also be sure the needle is pushed all the way in before tightening it.

Check out this troubleshooting photo below to correct this:

3. You have a floppy or loose feeling to the lever.

The lever on your airbrush stylus should have a spring-like feel to it when you move it back. A loose or floppy lever can be due to a couple of reasons. Check out how to troubleshoot this here.


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