AEROBLEND Color Match Guarantee

All AEROBLEND Personal Airbrush Makeup kits come with a shade match guarantee. We understand that it can be difficult to decide on what kit color to purchase online. Instead of going through the hassle of returning your kit for different colors, we are happy to send you extra samples (6ml mini Aeroblend) at no additional cost. Choose up to 3 additional colors. 

Aeroblend Color Match Guarantee

  • Color Match Guarantee only applies to Personal Airbrush Starter Kit purchase. This does not apply to Pro Kits, Mini Sets, Individual minis or Full Size Aeroblend.
  • Must have been originally purchased through our authorized sellers: Aeroblend website or Amazon within the past 45 days.
  • Customers can receive 1 free Color Match order per personal Airbrush Kit purchased.

We must have an original order number to attach your free color match order to.

If you received it as a gift, please request the original order number from the person you received it from. Click here for details on how they can obtain their original order number for you.

Place your Color Match Request HERE