Aeroblend works great for every one of all experiences. From novice to advanced, it is a simple and quick way to achieve a smooth look on your skin!

Keep a relaxed face

The best way for airbrushing, in general, is to keep your face relaxed. Often times people, flinch or wrinkle their face when they feel the air or makeup hit the skin, however, this will lead to uneven coverage. Keeping a relaxed face will allow the makeup to go where it needs to go and to go on smoothly. You can initially practice with just air or water to get used to how it hits the skin so you won't waste your makeup.


Practice Airbrush Control and Intensity

To achieve an even, skin-like airbrushed finish, you must be able to have control over the intensity of the airbrush spray. Practicing on paper can be helpful so you can visually understand how the airbrush makeup sprays out. All of Aeroblend's airbrush starter kits include a practice sheet with guidance on how to do this.


Airbrushing around the eye area

When airbrushing around the eye area, you can first use either your (clean) fingers or concealer brush to press or blend a little of the airbrush foundation or your own concealer under the eye and then go in with the airbrush in light sheer layers all over.

We recommend airbrushing with a lower air pressure around the eye area to avoid using too much.


Focus on covering problem areas LAST

It is best to airbrush makeup onto bare, moisturized skin (no primer needed) in light, sheer layers all over FIRST for overall coverage. Then you can back in to focus on problem areas. This will help you avoid using too much makeup which can result in a thick, cakey look. We at Aeroblend feel that skin should look like skin. 


Don't expect to see full coverage right away

Do expect gradual build-up in coverage. Airbrush makeup comes out in a fine mist so that the micronized pigments can lay on your skin to give you the airbrush finish. 

Often times it may seem like nothing is happening until it is too late and by then you've got way too much product on leaving you a thick and cakey look.

It is often helpful to airbrush in a couple of sheer layers all over and then stop, look away, then look back in the mirror to see changes.


Airbrushing makeup may take some practice to get used to, especially when transitioning from using traditional makeup. With these tips and practice, many Aeroblenders have found that find that airbrushing becomes much easier and faster than traditional foundation.

Aeroblend has made it easy for you to get started! Check out our Aeroblend Airbrush Starter Kits now!

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