The Lever on my AEROBLEND Airbrush Stylus is Loose, Floppy or Stuck

Loose, floppy or stuck lever?? Don't worry it's not broken! 😊

Here are several things to check for this:

  1. Sometimes the spring inside can get kinked and just needs to be reset. Often times this issue can be solved with a simple adjustment.

        See the picture below to troubleshoot:

Loosen the needle chuck (1) just enough to release the tension of the spring inside but not letting the parts fall out. Then proceed to screw it back and tighten the parts.


2. If you feel there is too much tension when pulling back on the lever or the lever feels stuck, the Spring Tension Guide may be too tight. Slightly loosen this part to lessen the tension on the spring. (See this part referred to in step (3) in the above troubleshooting photo.) 


3. You've taken the airbrush completely apart. (For 1.0 kit versions only) Often times when this happens the small parts (namely the lever guide) do not get reassembled correctly.

Good news! We have a video that shows how to do this correctly!



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