1. Check hose connections and make sure there are no kinks or leaks in the hose itself. If air flow is blocked or not connected properly, the airbrush won't spray. 

For screw-on hose type: While holding one of the hose-ends upright, pull the textured silver fitting to the very end of the hose so that the black ring on the end of the hose sits at the bottom of the fitting. Then, make sure the threads are aligned properly while screwing the fitting onto the compressor/airbrush stylus.

2.The air pressure on your compressor may be too low (For dial adjusting compressors only). When this happens, the makeup can pool at the tip of the airbrush resulting in larger droplets spraying onto your skin. The medium to medium-high setting is typically recommended for airbrushing foundation with our compressors with a dial adjustment. (Use the lowest setting on the 2.0 and the new 1.0 touch start compressors).

To set this using the dial on the 1.0, turn the dial to the highest setting (clockwise) then gradually/gently lower the pressure to medium-high to medium. Test the pressure with water to avoid wasting product.

3. Sometimes parts in the airbrush stylus can get loose and just needs a simple adjustment.

Just follow the troubleshooting directions in the photo below:



4. Airbrush stylus is dirty.

This happens when makeup buildup and dries inside the airbrush stylus clogging it and not allowing air or makeup to flow through.

Keeping the airbrush stylus clean allows it to work smoothly, no need for any harsh cleaners or taking the airbrush completely apart.

For everyday cleaning, all that is needed is running warm water through the airbrush and incorporating some "back bubbling" with warm water. Back bubbling is when you use a finger to cover the tip of the airbrush stylus while slowly pulling back the lever until you see some bubbling. Then running more warm water through the airbrush until the water comes out clear.

Sometimes a deeper cleaning may be necessary and we have a how-to video for that.


5. If it is still not spraying and you've already tried the troubleshooting above, it may mean that the makeup is really clogged in the airbrush stylus. Try soaking the airbrush stylus in a cup of water. Take the needle cap and nozzle cap off (the tip of airbrush), take the needle out and place all parts in a cup of water. Let it soak for a few hours (2-3 hours). The water should help soften and breakdown the makeup. Then you can proceed with the deep cleaning video again.

6. Does the lever feel springy? Or does it feel loose or floppy? If the lever feels loose or floppy, check out the troubleshooting detailed in this article.

7. You're not shaking the makeup well enough to mix all of the pigment. Please make sure that you are shaking it really well. Especially upon first use. Like, shake it more than usual even if you feel like you've shaken it really well. It is natural for pigment to settle and may take extra shaking the more it sits over time (ie. when stored to be used at a later time or storage in warehouse after production). Once you are able to get it going though, it will be much easier to mix with regular use and less shaking is required.

Having trouble with shaking or trouble with makeup squeezing out of the bottle? Check out this article.


#AeroTip: Test your airbrush flow with water so that you don't waste your makeup. :)

#AeroTip: We recommend only using Aeroblend airbrush products in our airbrush systems as we cannot guarantee other product or other airbrush brands will not clog your Aeroblend airbrush.


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