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My Airbrush is Spitting/Splattering Makeup Onto my Skin.

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A few things could be happening here:

1. The air pressure on your compressor may be too low. When this happens, the makeup can pool at the tip of the airbrush resulting in larger droplets spraying onto your skin. The medium setting is typically recommended for airbrushing foundation.

2. The lever is not positioned all the way down into its slot. To check this, press down on the seat of the lever to make sure it is in the correct position before pulling the lever back. This ensures that your airbrush stylus has adequate air pressure to flow and spray smoothly. 

3. The tip of the airbrush may be dirty and clogged with makeup. Be sure to keep this area clean so that old makeup doesn't build up and cause new makeup to pool at the tip. (The how-to for cleaning the tip is shown in the cleaning video below at 1:05).

4. The airbrush stylus itself is dirty. The airbrush stylus must be rinsed after each use! If the stylus is clogged with makeup inside, the makeup will not come out as smoothly. 


Check out how to deep clean your airbrush stylus in our how-to video below! Fast forward to 1:05 to see how the airbrush tip is cleaned.


5.  And lastly, the needle inside the airbrush stylus may be damaged. 

To check this, carefully take the needle out and run it between your fingers. It should feel smooth. If you feel any snag, then the needle may need to be replaced.

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#AeroTip: For a quick way to clean the airbrush tip without taking anything apart, pull back the lever to retract the needle and to avoid damaging it. Wet a q-tip with water and twist it on the inside of the tip to clean.

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