Does AEROBLEND Have Enough Coverage For My Problem Areas?

AEROBLEND is formulated to easily build up coverage as necessary and still provide a beautiful airbrush finish!

We recommend starting off airbrushing on your skin in light, sheer layers all over and then focus on problem areas. That way you don't get too much coverage all over than if you were to focus on problem areas first.

Hold airbrush 4-5 inches away from the skin to airbrush in light sheer layers.

Then you can go in with the airbrush at about 1 inch away from the skin on areas where you need more coverage.

Here are a couple of things to consider:

  • Avoid products that contain silicone or produce too much "slip" on your skin. We do not recommend that use of primers as most do contain silicone. These products result in having to use too much product but then not getting the coverage you want to achieve. Essentially, since Aeroblend is water-based, it just bounces right off of primed skin.
Here is an article that covers why primers and silicone products do not work with Aeroblend.
  • Be sure that your moisturizer is applied evenly and that it is fully absorbed into your skin before airbrushing.
  • Be sure the makeup bottles are shaken up completely. The pigment in the makeup naturally settles and if it is not shaken up all the way, the drops of makeup you are dispensing into your airbrush cup may not have the correct amount of pigment to give you the coverage you need.
#AeroTip: In cases of melasma or super dark age spots, it will help to first tone down the areas by airbrushing them with a lighter shade of "N" (neutral) undertone and then airbrushing with your actual shade as normal.

#AeroTip: To neutralize redness, use an olive "O" tone color closest to your shade to color correct the redness and then airbrush with your actual shade as normal. 

#AeroTip: To neutralize blue/green veins, airbrush a tiny amount of either Peaches & Cream blush or Singles Cruise blush and then go back in to airbrush with your actual shade as normal.


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