What is Route Shipping Insurance and Why is it in my cart?



Route is a shipping insurance that covers lost, damaged, or stolen items. It is automatically added to your cart to protect your order. If your product never shows up, gets broken/damaged in transit, or is stolen from your porch, Route will cover it.

If you wish to not purchase shipping insurance for your order, you can always delete this item from your cart to opt out of this option.


If Route Shipping Insurance is not automatically added to your cart, you can also opt-in by turning the toggle button "ON" where is says "Shipping Protection" above the "Checkout" button. See image below:


Please note: Once your order has shipped and accepted by the carrier, AEROBLEND is NOT responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen packages. By opting out of Route Shipping Insurance, you will lose protection on your order.


How do I file a claim on my package protected by Route?

When you place your AEROBLEND order (with Route insurance added to your order, of course), you will receive a separate email from Route with a link to "File a Claim." You can also fill out a claim form HERE.

The email from Route will include your Route Order ID which is required to file your claim. See below for a screenshot example of the email:



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