Makeup is Leaking/Spilling 💁‍♀️💦 Out the Sides of the Stylus!

Here's what is going on when makeup is spilling out the sides of the airbrush stylus cup:

  1. Make sure you are holding the airbrush stylus upright and not letting it tilt.
  2. Too much makeup is deposited into the cup and spills while you are airbrushing. It is recommend to start with 6-8 drops of makeup and then adding more if needed.
  3. You are moving the airbrush too quickly and abruptly and thus the makeup spills out. AEROBLEND is best airbrushed in light, sheer layers all over and then focusing on problem areas all while using soft circular motions.
  4. You are not controlling airflow of the airbrush properlyYou may have the air pressure on too high or you are pulling the lever all the way back and then feel that you need to move the stylus super fast while airbrushing because the makeup is coming out too fast! Keep the compressor set on medium pressure and slowly pull back the lever to the amount of flow that best suits your ability to control it while airbrushing.
  5. Your airbrush pressure is set too low on the compressor. If the air is too low, the makeup will pool at the tip of the airbrush and drip.



P.S. Check out the video below where YouTuber LeslieMarie1213 addresses what happens when you move the stylus around too quickly. Skip ahead to 4:49 to go to the exact spot.



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