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Is AEROBLEND Waterproof or Transfer Resistant?

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AEROBLEND is considered long-wearing (10+ hours) but not waterproof. Many of our customers have attested to the long wearing claim! :)

Once AEROBLEND is airbrushed and allowed to set, it is considered transfer resistant. You may see some transfer when using napkins or if you rub anything against your face as this is normal with any type of makeup.


#AeroTip: AEROBLEND wears best on moisturized bare skin. It is not required to wear AEROBLEND with primers or setting sprays as very few are compatible with AEROBLEND. 


#AeroTip: If you must use a primer or setting spray, AVOID using products that contain silicone or have "too much slip" to them as they DO NOT allow AEROBLEND to wear well. 

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