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Compressor Dial: Prevention and Troubleshooting

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Our compressor speed is adjustable with a smooth turn-dial from lowest air pressure to highest air pressure setting. The psi range for our compressor is 5-25.

We recommend medium pressure for foundation applications, however, if you need to adjust to the lowest or highest air pressure be sure to only adjust the dial until it stops. Do not force in one direction or the other or the dial will be tightened in place or stuckIe. like screwing a lid on a jar too tight.

If it does become stuck, the best way to get it loose is to first determine which way to turn the dial to loosen. Then, wrap something like a thick rubber band or a hand towel (something that will give you more grip on it) around the dial to try to get it loose.

The dial on my compressor is stuck! How do I determine which way to turn to get it loose?

  • Turn on compressor and pull back lever on stylus to feel what air pressure it is being released.
  • If you feel a low pressure, you will have to try to loosen the dial by turning it clockwise
  • If you feel a high pressure, you will have to try to loosen the dial by turning it counter-clockwise

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