How to Avoid Airbrushing Too Much Makeup 💁🏻‍♀️

Makeup looks too thick or "cakey" on your skin? Here's how to avoid this look:

There is nothing wrong with the makeup itself, this typically occurs when you are airbrushing too closely or using too much product!

Several things that need to be considered with when trying avoid using too much product:

  • It is recommended to set the air pressure on the compressor at a medium to medium-high setting.
  • Don't expect to immediately see the coverage on your skin as you are airbrushing. Airbrush makeup is known for its final result or effect as it is hard to see immediate coverage since it is a gradual build-up in coverage.
  • Airbrushing in light sheer layers first and then focus on problem areas.
  • Practice airbrushing on the practice sheet provided in your kit.

Check out our airbrushing article written by AEROBLEND's founder, Kiralee. It has great tips to consider and also covers on how to prevent airbrushing too much makeup.


#AeroTipNeed another practice sheet?  Click below to download it, print it out and start practicing!!!

#AeroTipOur airbrush stylus is a double-action airbrush so you are able to control the pressure output with the lever as well as using the dial on the compressor. The more you pull the lever back, the faster and more amount of product will spray out. We recommend gradually pulling back on the lever to hit that "sweet spot" level of pressure you would personally feel that you could control.

Practice Sheet.pdf


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