Does AEROBLEND Carry Blushes With Shimmer? 😊✨

We currently do not carry blushes that have shimmer, however, the beauty with airbrush makeup is that it is easy to mix to add shimmer!

#AeroTip: Just pick out your favorite AEROBLEND blush color and mix it with our Champagne Toast Highlighter!

To mix: The best technique to use is "back bubbling." This is the easiest way to mix colors in the airbrush.

You basically put both colors in the airbrush cup, place your finger over the tip of the airbrush, while gently pulling the lever back.

Start off with one drop of each shade (or equal amounts) and then experiment with the ratio to your liking!


#AeroTip: You can always airbrush Champagne Toast highlighter on top of your blush to give it a shimmery glow finish! :)


Check out the mini set of our full line of blushes, bronzer and highlight here!


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