From the Aeroblend Journal

Route Shipping Insurance 🚚📦😎👍

  What is Route Shipping Insurance and Why is it in my cart?     Route is a shipping insurance that covers lost, damaged, or stolen items. It is automatically... Read More

AEROBLEND Airbrush Equipment Specs 📻🔌

  1.0 AEROBLEND Airbrush System:   1.0 Compressor PSI: 25 max psi   2.0 AEROBLEND Airbrush System:     The 2.0 compressor can be adjusted to 3 pressure levels: Low: 3.4 psi working pressure, 21.5 psi max... Read More

Black/Blue/Dark Pigment on Sides of Bottle 🖤👀💙 Is This Normal?

"Half of the bottle is black"    "My bottles look dark blue. Have they gone bad?"   "Some of my makeup have a blue color. I kept shaking it but it... Read More

Is Aeroblend gluten-free? 🌾🚫🤔❓

We do strive to source our raw materials that typically do not contain gluten, however, we currently do not have gluten-free specific certifications. Read More

Can I buy AEROBLEND in store? 🏬 Can I place my order over the phone? 📞

  To protect the security of your information, we are not able to place orders over the phone.   Aeroblend is currently only available for purchase online at this time. We currently do... Read More

Where can I find my order number?

If purchased on AEROBLEND.com: If your order came with a packing slip, the order number is on the upper right hand corner, however, your order number can typically be found... Read More

What currency is accepted for payment on AEROBLEND.com? 💵❓

We currently only accept payments in USD/US$ at this time. The cost of our product in your specific region's currency will be depending on the current exchange rate. Currency exchange rates... Read More

The product I want is out of stock! What do I do? 🤔❓🤷‍♀️

You won't have to keep checking in! We recommend signing up for an email alert for when your desired product is back in stock! Just go to the product page... Read More

AEROBLEND's Color Match Guarantee 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️✨✅

What if none of the shades in my Personal kit match my skin? All AEROBLEND Personal Airbrush Makeup kits* come with a shade match guarantee. We understand that it can... Read More