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Bronze & Glow

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This limited edition combo includes a full size (1 oz) Nude Beach Bronzer, and full size Champagne Toast Highlighter. Highlight, bronze and even contour without having to wear pounds of makeup! That's what Aeroblending is all about!  You can't live with out these two in your makeup bag. 

Champagne Toast Highlighter is a soft shimmer with a touch of muted gold, pinks, pearl and subtle sparkle. It can also be mixed with your foundation, blush, or worn by itself anywhere on the body. It's also safe to wear on the eyes as well!

Nude Beach Bronzer can be used as a bronzer, contour, or can be mixed with your foundation if you need to darken it up a shade or two. It is not orange or red, but a natural neutral brown... and as always, be sure to shake it up really well, as the color does not look the same on as it does in the bottle. You can also airbrush this color anywhere on the body.

Both these colors look great on all skin tones!