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How Long Will a Bottle of AEROBLEND Airbrush Foundation Last Me? 🤔❓

Using 5-7 drops of foundation per day: Mini/Travel size foundation: 6 mL or 0.20 fl oz., can last up to ~1-2 weeks Full size foundation: 1 fl oz., can last... Read More

How do I mix colors in my AEROBLEND Airbrush Stylus?

Close to that perfect color but not quite there? Want to experiment mixing your own colors? Here's how to do it! Start by adding 1 drop of each color, then... Read More

How to work with AEROBLEND's Nude Beach Bronzer 😎🌴⛅

AEROBLEND's Nude Beach Bronzer is a beautiful color to help add warmth and dimension back to your skin after you even it out with foundation. The beauty with airbrush makeup... Read More

Where do I use highlighter or bronzer on my face? 🤔❓

AEROBLEND's Champagne Toast Highlighter is really beautiful on the high arch of my cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid's bow of lip and a little bit on chin. Airbrush AEROBLEND's Nude Beach Bronzer... Read More

How to Deep Clean Your AEROBLEND Airbrush Stylus

Need more than just a quick daily cleaning? Quick and simple everyday cleaning is mainly what is needed to maintain your AEROBLEND airbrush stylus. However, sometimes a deeper cleaning may be necessary... Read More
How to Reassemble Your Aeroblend Airbrush Stylus

How to Reassemble Your Aeroblend Airbrush Stylus

 "Oh no, I can't figure out how to put my airbrush back together!" 🤦‍♀️ If you've had this thought, this video is made just for you! 🙌 Sometimes your airbrush stylus... Read More