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Airbrush Cleaner

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Finished with your Aeroblend airbrushing session? AEROBLEND Airbrush Cleaner is perfect for the maintenance and upkeep of your airbrush stylus!

  • Shake well.
  • Dispense 3-4 drops of airbrush cleaner into cup of airbrush stylus.
  • Gently swirl the contents to allow cleaner to make contact with any makeup residue inside cup.
  • Spray cleaner out into sink or paper towel. Be cautious to avoid inhaling the cleaner while spraying out.
  • Fill airbrush stylus cup with water. Then back bubble to clean the front end (tip) of the airbrush stylus. Then continue to spray the rest of the water out into sink or paper towel.

***Switching to the next shade during your airbrushing routine? No need to use water or cleaner between colors. When switching colors, it is recommended to spray out any remaining product onto a paper towel. Dispense your next color and then proceed to continue airbrush.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Julie Eisentraut

I absolutely love the results. It looks so natural and stays on all day!!

Drew Forester
Fun product

Excellent product, easy to ise and get to. Only thing I need to find is product supply in Canada. To order two 6ml bottles, $4.99 each, with taxes, shipping etc. Bill would have been $33.00.

I will find a better source for ordering product. I'm sure it exists.

Tuba Z.
Does The Job

Does The Job

Victoria V.
very easy to use

been using system everyday for a month. Lovin the look and feel on this 60+ face.

Tammy P.
Airbrush cleaner

I love it! It takes only a drop or two and it's clean ! I also love the fact that it bubbles up when u spray it so that also cleaned the tip of it! No more trying to clean it with a q-tip! I love all of your products so when I heard about the cleaner I knew it was going to be as great as your makeup products!

Thanks so much for your awesome review on our Airbrush Cleaner! You're right, a little goes a long way with the cleaner and it leaves your airbrush stylus so fresh and so clean! So happy to hear that you're loving all Aeroblend products as much as we do! Happy Aeroblending! :information_desk_person::skin-tone-2:‍:female_sign::sparkles::two_hearts: