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My Airbrush Stylus is Back-Bubbling on its Own

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Water or makeup is bubbling on its own in your airbrush cup? Here are a few things to look into:

1. The nozzle cap is loose and just needs to be tightened. Simply screw to tighten (righty-tighty) the nozzle cap to be sure the air flow can be directed through the tip of the airbrush stylus correctly. 

2. The tip of the airbrush may be dirty and clogged with makeup. Be sure to keep this area clean so that old makeup doesn't build up and cause new makeup to pool at the tip. (The how-to for cleaning the tip is shown in the cleaning video below at 1:05).

3.The airbrush stylus itself is dirty. The airbrush stylus must be rinsed after each use! If the stylus is clogged with makeup inside, the makeup will not come out as smoothly. 

Check out how to deep clean your airbrush stylus in our how-to video below! Fast forward to 1:05 to see how the airbrush tip is cleaned.

4. If it is still not spraying evenly and you've already tried the troubleshooting above, it may mean that the makeup is really clogged in the airbrush stylus. Try soaking the airbrush stylus in a cup of water. Take the needle cap and nozzle cap off (the tip of airbrush), take the needle out and place all parts in a cup of water. Let it soak for a few hours (2-3 hours). The water should help soften and breakdown the makeup. Then you can proceed with the deep cleaning video again.

5. The nozzle itself may be loose. To check this, take the needle out from the back end of the airbrush stylus. Next, unscrew the needle cap and nozzle cap off of the front tip of the airbrush stylus. Then twist the nozzle with your fingers to check to see if it is tightened or loose. If this is loose, please message us and we'd be happy to continue to help you with this!

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